Malta is located in the Mediterranean Sea, about 100 kilometres south of Sicily and 300 kilometres east of Tunis. The total population is of 400,000.


Tourism and retail sectors play an important role in the economy of the region, as well as some IT, real estate and financial services.


Agriculture in the region is an important economic activity, not only because it is a direct source of employment, but also because it makes available genuine agricultural products that are provided to the local market for fresh consumption as well as processing. Furthermore, agricultural activity gives an irreplaceable contribution to the protection of the environment as well as to design and shape the unique landscape of the region.


The Majjistral territory represents the North-western parts of Malta.  The Majjistral area has a distinctive rural character, important historic towns and relatively modern holiday settlements.  In year 2008, 20% of the total population lived in the Majjistral territory.  In the last decade, the rate of the population increase in the Majjistral area has been three times the average national increase with the emphasis being on the younger generation moving in to live in our territory.    The main economic activities of the Majjistral employed inhabitants relate to wholesale and retail trade, manufacturing and hotels and restaurants.  The MAGF territory is characterised by a significant rural area, used mainly for agricultural purposes including also a number of livestock farms. 



Locality  Area(kmē) Population Population per kmē
Attard 6.6 kmē 10,405 1,567/kmē
Dingli 5.7 kmē 3,347 591/kmē
Gharghur 2 kmē 2,352 1,167/kmē
Iklin 1.7 kmē 3,220 1,865/kmē
Lija 1.1 kmē 2,797 2,553/kmē
Mdina 0.9 kmē 278 314/kmē
Mellieha 22.6 kmē 7,676 339/kmē
Mgarr 16.1 kmē 3,014 187/kmē
Mtarfa 0.7 kmē 2,426 3,341/kmē
Naxxar 11.6 kmē 11,978 1,035/kmē
Rabat 26.6 kmē 11,473 431/kmē
Siggiewi 19.9 kmē 7,931 399/kmē
St.Paul's Bay 14.5 kmē 13,412 923/kmē
Zebbug 8.7 kmē 11,292 1,298/kmē
Mosta 6.8 kmē 18,735 2,755/kmē
San Gwann 2.6 kmē 12,737 4899/kmē
Majjistral 148.1 123,073 831/kmē
Malta and Gozo 315.2 kmē 404,962 1,285/kmē