About Us

The Majjistral Local Action Group Foundation (MAGF) is the entity responsible for the management of the LEADER Programme funds in the North-West territory of Malta. Its central objective is that of creating and implementing a Local Development Strategy based on the distinctive characteristics and needs of the Majjistral territory. The Local Development Strategy is put together following extensive consultation with various stakeholders in the region through a bottom-up approach. MAGF has been set up in 2009 between a range of agricultural, artistic, artisanal, voluntary, cultural and touristic entities operating within the Majjistral territory together with sixteen public bodies represented by the Local Councils.

The MAGF board is composed of nine elected members; five from the private sector and four from the Local Councils. These members meet on a regular basis to manage the various actions for funding of projects under the LEADER programme. This task involves creating funding actions based on the Local Development Strategy and implementing them by issuing calls for funding, review of applications and deciding which projects receive funding. Apart from these technical tasks, the MAGF manager regularly meets private entities, voluntary organisations and local councils to effectively reach out the stakeholders within its territory.

At MAGF, we are committed to improve the quality of life in the rural localities forming the Majjistral territory. The MAGF board and staff are determined to provide the optimal tools that can support the improvement of the socio-economic fabric within the Majjistral region. This is done by presenting actions that dove-tail various investments and networking activities which are essential for the territorial rural development. You are welcome to join this fruitful experience by contacting us on 20992080 or on info@leadermajjistral.eu.

The Chairman

Mr.Eman Vella